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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by “financial year”?2020-09-06T21:49:01+12:00

A normal financial year is from 1 April to 31 March.

Is Xero Easy to use?2020-09-06T21:50:11+12:00

Xero is the world’s easiest accounting software. It was designed by a Kiwi who saw the need for an accounting package that is easy to understand for everyone – even for those that don’t feel completely confident with computer use. There are numerous resources to teach you everything you want to know about Xero.

What is my tax rate?2023-04-04T13:35:06+12:00

If your income is up to $14,000 your tax rate will be 10.5%
From $14,0001 to $48,000 the tax rate is 17.5%
From $48,0001 to $70,000 the tax rate is 30%
From $70.000 – $180,000 the tax rate 33%
From $180,000 and over the tax rate is 39%

If you are operating as a company, the company tax rate is 28%.

Can we pay on a monthly direct debit?2020-08-25T22:51:33+12:00

Absolutely, this will help you not get caught out at the end of the financial year with a bill.

When do I have to have my taxes filed with the IRD?2020-09-06T21:45:25+12:00

Ordinarily tax returns are due 7 July of the following tax year.
With a tax agent you are granted an extension of time. With an extension of time you are given one year to file your tax return. This due date is 31 March of the following tax year.

When do I need to register for GST?2020-09-06T21:46:41+12:00

If your annual turnover is $60,000 or greater then you are required to register for GST.

What is the best way to transfer our paperwork to you from our previous accountant?2020-09-14T03:29:32+12:00

We sort all of the transfer for you on your behalf so there is no need for you to do anything :)

What if customers pay me cash? Can I pocket it and not declare it?2020-09-14T03:28:54+12:00

We recommend that you deposit all cash payments that you have received from customers. IRD have parameters that they run your tax returns through and if your sales versus expenses do not match the criteria that they have for your type of business, you could end up being audited by IRD.

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